Vibrational Sound Relaxation - Individual Sessions

with Max Raphael

Nurture your well-being with healing sounds from around the world . . .

Individual sessions offer the most powerful experience of Vibrational Sound Relaxation. While you rest in total comfort, authentic instruments such as the Chinese gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls are gently played around and even on your body, in a sequence designed to help you progressively relax in both body and mind. The sensation of being fully immersed in acoustic sound vibration is a holistic healing experience unlike any other. Contact to learn more or to book your session.

An unique progression of sounds ~ designed to help you ground, clear, harmonize & integrate . . .


  • Relieve stress & anxiety

  • Calm the nervous system

  • Deepen personal clarity & insight

  • Awaken the senses & balance energies

  • Improve quality of sleep

*Each individual experiences the sounds differently


Vibrational Sound Relaxation - Full Session 

Relax in total comfort while being fully immersed in pure sound vibrations, from an array instruments played around and even on your body. Gongs, singing bowls, and other instruments are played in a sequence to guide you into greater ease in mind and body.  Experienced in seated and reclined postures, and customizable to suit your needs. Sessions last between 75-90 minutes, with intake and processing before and after. First sessions usually require extra time for questions and introduction.

Offered in Max's Residence in E. Walnut Hills. Prices may vary when offered at other locations.

“Tune-Up” Demo Sessions

Offered on-location, these short-format Sound Relaxation sessions (15-30 minutes) offer a moment of peace for everyone in your home, workplace, or retreat. Reasonably priced per session with a minimum total cost per visit. Prices vary.


Max’s residence in East Walnut Hills.

Sound sessions are non-invasive and received fully clothed. The format and sounds used can be customized to suit your needs, comfort and intentions. Max creates a compassionate and welcoming space for you to discover a meaningful, healing connection within yourself.

Any questions about these sessions? 

Feel free to Contact Max directly.


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