Music has an undeniable power to heal and soothe—and yet even more fundamental is sound. "Healing" sound promotes ease in both the body and mind, attuning us to our natural state of harmony and wellbeing.

Max creates sound experiences to facilitate this connection for individuals and groups. He centers his work around the Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, and more.

Read more about Sound Healing Offerings below.

Tibetan Singing Bowls 

The Tibetan (AKA "Himalayan") singing bowls produce healing vibrations like no other, restoring and rejuvenating on many levels. The rich, complex sounds of the bowls take us beneath the thinking mind, unlocking states of harmony and peace already deep within. Max bases his work on the rarer 'antique' bowls, with natural, pure sounds that are pleasing to both the ear and body. He has learned with different masters of the bowls in Nepal, Europe, and Southeast Asia, drawing from a breadth of perspectives and applications of their unique sounds. He often incorporates a host of other instruments to offer a complete sound experience: Didgeridoo (both traditional Eucalyptus wood and quartz crystal), Native American Flute, Koshi chimes, and more.




Contact Max directly to book any of these services.

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Restorative Sound Massages (Private 1:1 Sessions)

Restore your sense of harmony and ease, with healing sounds from around the world. In these custom one-on-one sessions, Tibetan singing bowls and didgeridoo send soothing vibrations deep into your body, for resonance you can feel. These special sounds are known to help to calm the mind while also providing the body a gentle massage from the inside out—offering a unique relaxation unlike any other healing modality. More Info.


Sound Journeys (Sound Baths)

60-minutes: Sound Bath only. 90-minutes: Vocal Toning + Sound Bath

Check Events for an upcoming Journey.

Re-harmonize yourself from the inside out, with relaxing and transformative sound. Begin with group vocal toning to bring your breath, body and mind into alignment. Then, lie back and go on a soulful journey within, guided by the sounds of the didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, and more. Max intuitively plays his collection instruments to offer a unique “reset” for your body, mind & spirit. 



Healing Sounds During Yoga

Add a touch of bliss to your yoga class with healing sounds played live. Max will intuitively play a wide range of instruments with taste, seamlessly blending with the pace and feeling of your class from moment to moment. This creates a unique class all on its own, with a relaxing, meditative atmosphere to compliment any style of yoga. Speak with Max further on how he can customize the sounds to suit your class and teaching style. Check Events for an upcoming Journey.

Healing Sounds Presentation

Experience sound in fun and enlightening ways. Max visits you for an a presentation of his instruments, some of which he’s collected across the world: Tibetan singing bowls, didgeridoos, Native American Flutes and more. Immersive listening, group sharing, and Q&A get you up close and personal with these sounds—exploring their history, mystery, and healing effects. An enriching experience adaptable to a wide range of ages, groups & occasions. 

Live Music for an Ambiance of Healing

Want a backdrop of relaxation for your workplace or event? Max enjoys playing his sounds live, as background music at such places & more:

  • workplaces 

  • retirement communities

  • hospitals, clinics, wellness centers

  • building lobbies

  • special events

(Certain weather conditions prohibit outdoor playing!)

What people are saying

What better time to share a testimonial than right after a much needed sound journey. I have know Max for a couple of years and have shared teas, sound journeys and yoga with sound and each experience has been both transformational and healing. These sessions are quite peaceful and contemplative. They allow me to access peace and solitude with myself that is also a communal experience. Max is quite gifted at creating and holding space in simple yet profound ways. He is masterful at using breath, sound, tea and presence to access peace and wellbeing. I give gratitude that I have access to these tools that have helped me grow and transform.

—Mary Beth,

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

I am grateful for the opportunity to take time out from my busy life. These kinds of events are very nourishing for me. They help to restore and renew. I pray that more people can benefit from these classes and workshops. Max has such talent and presence. I am lucky to be able to be able to study and learn from him!



Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The overall experience was amazing and truly relaxing. Max is very skilled at his trade. I was totally immersed in the journey Max guided me through. This was my first experience with singing bowls and I plan to return monthly. Thank you Max!


Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a personal sound healing session from Max. I've been working through some stress lately and have been searching for modalities to help me get back to a state of peace. I especially enjoyed the sound healing because it was palpable on the physical, spiritual and emotional level. ... This is a great service and I highly recommend it. I never know what to expect with sound. It is truly a magical medium because it touches on so many levels. And I know of no one better than Max to wield these tools of divine transcendence.


Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

I've been to four Sound Journeys and I'd love to start trying additional services when I have time. The first one was a unique experience being outside under a tree. There was something truly magical about hearing the leaves rustle along with the sounds of the bowls. The other three were in yoga studios and were equally relaxing, but in a different way. In the enclosed space there was more opportunity to hear the more concentrated sounds and even feel the vibrations in your head. As someone who is in a constant state of stress, I greatly enjoy these as moments of stillness and calm recovery.


Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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