Max Raphael's album Into Stillnes: Chimes for Relaxation & Sleep. Click here for more information about the album, or to purchase mp3's.

Included is a .zip file of the full resolution WAV files. These are CD quality, without the physical CD! Listening to the highest resolution possible is ideal with any healing or relaxation-based music like this.



Max Raphael's second sound healing album, Into Stillness features over an hour of delicately played Koshi chimes, along with appearances of Native American Flute. The angelic sounds of these handmade chimes are intimately captured in this recording. Intuitive and spacious playing of the chimes and flute, over extended lengths of time, allows the listener to drift into expansive peace. Each track offers its own taste of stillness, becoming part of a subtle journey through moods and textures to accompany any moment.


Into Stillness invites a blissful, tranquil atmosphere well suited for children or babies; for relaxation or sleep; for activities like meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, or healing arts such as bodywork, Reiki, and more. All instruments, including the chimes and Native Flutes, are naturally tuned to 432Hz.


TRACKLIST: (1hr 08 min total running time)

1. Into Stillness 

2. Lullaby 

3. Waves of Peace 

4. Reflections 

5. Boundless Self 

6. Gratitude

Into Stillness—Full Resolution Download

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    Total size: 615.7 MB

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