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Third Wednesdays at the Kula Center, Newport, Kentucky. Right in the middle of your week, find a "RESET" for your body and mind. Let Max of True Resonance guide you on a healing journey within, led by the pure and soothing sound vibrations of instruments from around the world.

$20 online or at the door (cash, card, personal check)
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This is an accessible, relaxing experience with no prior experience required. In a sound journey, you'll lie back comfortably with blankets and cushions to support you, while a variety of instruments are played live, in a gradual and intuitively-guided progression from low to high tones. The sounds have an immediate soothing effect on both body and mind. For many people, the sounds enable them to enter into theta brain wave state—the state between waking and sleeping associated with deep relaxation, meditation, healing and intuition. 

Many find a sense of detachment from repeating thoughts, release of physical, mental and emotional tension, and a deeper connection within themselves. 

The journey begins seated, with a brief warmup of the body, breath and voice. By patting on your own body from head to toe, and making simple vowel sounds as a group, you'll prime your body to more fully receive the sounds of the instruments.

This experience is offered to help you step back into your week re-harmonized and revitalized from the inside out.

  • Actual sound journey lasts around 1:30, with extra time added for you to ease into and out of the experience.

  • We'll supply blankets, cushions and yoga mats!

  • No prior experience necessary.

  • Please pre-register online.

  • Questions? Contact Max at 513.780.4393


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