Max Raphael is owner and founder of True Resonance, a wellness company whose mission is to help people attune to an authentic sense of wellbeing that inspires harmony and purpose in everyday life.


Max is certified in the practices of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and sound healing, both of which he studied while living in Asia. He facilitates group and individual sound healing experiences, blending his professional background as a recording engineer with a passion for the healing arts. Max creates a welcoming, lighthearted atmosphere through his work, and enjoys reaching a wide range of people with the universal medium of sound—from children to seniors, in all walks of life. In Cincinnati and abroad, Max offers his work as a unique and accessible aid to meditation, movement, creativity and general wellbeing. 


Registered Member,

Sound Healers Association 

Listed Therapist,

Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage


  • Bachelors of Science in Audio Media & Technology from the New England Institute of Art, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Singing Bowl Sound Massage Training with Singing Bowl Master Hans de Back, Netherlands / Taiwan

  • Singing Bowl Sound Massage Training with Ram-Kumar Shrestha in Kathmandu, Nepal


My own healing and learning journey has taken me across the world and back. After ten years of working in the field of audio engineering, I set out on my first trip to Asia to learn about meditation, spirituality, and tea. 


By chance, I came across the Tea Sage Hut, a Tea & Zen center in Taiwan dedicated to meditation and the Way of Tea (Cha Dao). I first stayed as a guest, and was awestruck at the simple yet profound ways that Tea, mindfully prepared and enjoyed, could bring me and others in total harmony with not only our minds and bodies, but our spiritual Self. Not long after my first visit, I moved to Taiwan, where I served full time as a resident student at the Hut, living and learning the Way of Tea with my teacher, Wu De, and practicing tea ceremony.

I was also the photographer and associate editor of the worldwide tea magazine Global Tea Hut at that time. The connections I made with myself, Tea, nature, and wonderful people from all around the world, would forever change me.


From Taiwan, my Path would also take me to other parts of Asia. In India, I became a certified practitioner of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, training with Ananta Sylvain Girard, one of the world's foremost teachers of this little-known technique. Learning and receiving this massage undeniably helped me recover from physical limitations of overstraining my body during my own yoga practice in India. It continues to be a joy of mine to share this unique style of bodywork that is truly a meditation for both giver and receiver.


While in Asia, I also came across sound healing with Himalayan ('Tibetan') singing bowls. I received singing bowl sound massages with a renowned healer, and I found a sort of purity and freedom within me that I'd never before experienced. I was so moved by these singing bowls that I eventually made my way to Nepal, the singing bowl capital of the world, to seek out singing bowls and education on using them. Since then, I have been to Nepal twice to connect with the practice of singing bowl sound healing, and to find the rare antique singing bowls, which have rich, soothing vibrations that permeate deeply into our bodies and minds.


I currently share my work in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and wherever else I am traveling.

Contact Me to book private sessions, learn about public events and gatherings, or to share inspiration and ideas.

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